Thursday, June 16, 2011

Special Announcement!

That’s right, the Twilight Fan Panel is back. This year we have a diverse group of Twilight fan fiction authors. They are ready to share their unique experience and opinions on reading and writing fan fiction in the Twilight fandom. We invite you to join us at the 2011 San Diego Comic Convention for what we hope is a lively, enthusiastic and fun discussion.

Name: Bel
Penname: belladonna1472
Where to find me: FFnet: belladonna1472, Twitter: @belladonna1472
Stories: The Cullen Campaign, Dear Mr. Masen(co-author)
Who the hell am I? I'm a bit of a random person. I'd rather teach politics, write fic and learn graphic design skillz than use my law degree. But hey, life is short, right? I enjoy being part of this fandom and have met so many great people over the last two years. Things that may surprise you: I'm Australian, I don't really like writing lemons, I can't whistle, and I love bad television shows.

Name: Jeanne
Penname: Einfach Mich
Where you can find me: FFnet: einfach mich, Twitter: @einfach_mich, Author Blog: Einfach Mich
Stories: Confessions of a Difficult Woman, Paper Flower, Two Lonley Hearts, Fall in the Light
Who the hell am I? I’m a geek, writer, reader and longtime fangirl. I’ve been writing fan fiction for years, but only recently started posting it (in the Twilight fandom for the past two years). Many people know me for being an outspoken (aka loudmouth) on my Twitter and for smutting it up with my fellow pervs over at The Perv Pack’s Smut Shack. My greatest ambition in the Twilight fandom is to spread the love for non-canon pairings (righting the wrongs done to so many awesome characters like Leah Clearwater) and do everything in my power to make this fandom a safe, sane place for my fellow fans (readers and writers alike). My plan for Comic Con is to meet friends (old and new), have great conversations about whatever and to drink until I end up dancing on a table.

Name: Mags
Penname: Magnolia822
Where to find me: FFnet: Magnolia822, Twitter: @Magnolia822, Author Blog: magnolia822
Stories: An Acquired Taste, A Quiet Fire, Strange Brew, The Cullen Sutras
Who the hell am I? Ah, existential questions. I'm a graduate student, wife, lover of all things pervy, but I suppose I'm a romantic at heart. Most of my writing focuses on E/B, but I love playing withcanon and writing the characters in unexpected ways. A year ago I'd never have considered myself a fiction writer, but now it's all I seem to do! I look forward to this opportunity to meet writers and readers from the fandom and chatting about our secret obsession. This is my first time at Comic Con, so I guess you could say I'm excited and a little nervous.

Name: Maggie
Name: Maggie
Penname: ArcadianMaggie
Where to find me: FFnet: ArcadianMaggie, @ArcadianMaggie, Author Blog:
Stories: I Wept Not, White Blaze to Lone Star, If You Can't Be, Amid the Lucid Stream
Who the hell am I? I've read fan fic in numerous fandoms over the years--X-Men, Buffy, Star Trek, and more recently, Harry Potter and The Social Network--but I only started writing it when I became involved in the Twilight fandom. I'll read anything, but slash really does it for me. It's even better if there are vamps or wolves involved! Looking forward to meeting other writers and fans.

Name: MJ
Penname: MJinAspen
Where to find me: FFnet: mjinaspen, Twitter: @mjinaspen, Author Blog: Mjinaspen
Stories: Reality Minus Expectations, Renfield's Paraphelia, Hair of the Dog, Trips
Who the hell am I? I manage a NP that provides recreational programs for people with disabilities. My work is my life, so it's pretty fortunate that my husband is my PR & Marketing person! I've been married for almost 7 years, but we aren't lucky enough to have any human children. We do have the best dog and cat ever, though. I've been a SciFi film and TV show geek my entire life, watched Dr. Who with my dad in the 70s on PBS, am a HUGE fan of Joss Whedon, and one of my all-time favorite films is Blade Runner. I like to read Mysteries and some Romance, but I love Humor infused into anything I read. Character development is an essential part of any story for me, whether it be books, movies or television. Joss is God, and Dave Grohl is Love.

Name: Rochelle
Penname: Rochelle Allison
Where to find me: FFnet: Rochelle_Allison, @roglows, LJ: Roglows_here, A Different Forest: Rochelle_Allison
Stories: Volitinon, Starry Eyed Inside, With or Without You, Air
Who the hell am I? I write mainly ExB AH, but I'm about to delve in to AU with my next fic. I'll read mostly anything, though, as long as it's well written. At CC, I'm looking forward to the Twilight fanfic panel as well as the Breaking Dawn panel, and also anything having to do with Star Wars. Also, I can't wait for fandom meet-ups. That's probably what I'm most excited about: finally hanging out with the people I'm always with online.

Name: Leiah
Penname: ScarlettLetters
Where to find me: FFnet: scarlettletters, Twitter: @scarlettletters
Stories: Wild Swan (still unfinished, yes, yes, I know) and The Great Unknown
Who the hell am I? I'm a fan, a reader, a sometimes-not very often writer. I am very excited to be the moderator for this amazing panel of authors. I can't wait to ask them all the questions the fans submit!


  1. Question link not working. I'll leave here. :-)

    What is the most helpful review you have ever received? Most destructive? Do you post your story once completed or post as you write? How did you find your beta?

  2. Awesome! Any word of when/where this'll be held?

  3. Thanks for coming over, the-movie-girl and SharonMacross!

    TMG - We've added your questions to the list. Thanks for submitting something!

    AM - the panel will most likely be around the same time/place (Saturday around noon) as it was last year but we won't know for sure until CC releases the schedule.

  4. Your question mark is linking to the image rather than a form.

    I don't really have a question for the panel (yet) but I am hoping that you can record/podcast the panel for those of us who can't make SD. Pretty please. I'm totally making that puss in the boots face!

  5. I'm willing to offer up my (modestly) talented video recording/editing devices for those who can't make it.
    SharonMacross on Comic Con scheduling (still figuring it out). Pretty much my user name everywhere =D

    And for those of you that are stopping by, here's what CC has posted:

    Saturday, 12pm: Twilight Fan Panel

    Type 1: Programs, Fandom, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Writers & Writing
    Event Page View Full Details & Attendees | View Event Website
    Venue Santa Rosa Room, Marriott Marquis & Marina
    Time Saturday July 23 12:00PM to 1:00PM
    Speaker/Artist(s) Info ScarlettLetters, ArcadianMaggie, MJinAspen, Rochelle Allison, magnolia822, Belladonna1472, Einfach Mich
    Tags Fandom, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Writers & Writing